Is someone watching what you do online? Did you know your ISP can see everything you are doing online? Some ISP’S in the UK are now monitoring your traffic, what you do where you go!

This is why at BGR Solutions we decided to launch our Streaming VPN Service to the General public! Our Privately owned VPN network is run by us, And we will ensure the greatest privacy for all customers and clients!

We have a very good background on content delivery so we know where to strategically place our servers to provide low latency streaming from behind a VPN! We have servers in over 10 different locations!

Unlock, iPlayer, ITV Hub, 4od, my5, NowTV, Sky Go, Virgin Go, Dazn, HBO, And many more!

If you have a firestick, android tv box, android smart tv, mini vpn router, mac osx, windows pc you can use our vpn. We are bringing apps for new platforms all the time!