Razer Tetra Console Chat Headset PS4

SKU: RZ04-02920200-R3G1

Introducing the Razer Tetra for PS4 , a cardioid microphone chat headset designed to cancel out ambient noise so you can be heard loud and clear in voice chat, without having to lower the volume on your home theatre speakers and Stay immersed in your favourite PS4 games.

Designed to cancel out ambient noise. The Razer Tetra’s cardioid microphone has been specifically designed to reduce background noise present in any console gaming environment; This allows you clear and uninterrupted communication while enjoying complete immersion through your speakers.
Rotating cardioid microphone. Equipped with a perfectly calibrated cardioid microphone, the Razer Tetra for PS4 focuses on high-quality voice pickup while eliminating ambient noise from the sides and rear for maximum clarity.
Ultralight comfort. At a lightweight of 70g, the Razer Tetra for PS4 is so light you’ll forget you’re wearing it; They are perfect for gaming marathons and can even be worn comfortably with glasses.
Reversible left or right design. Thanks to the 180-degree rotatable microphone, you can comfortably wear them on the left or right ear. The single-sided earpiece allows chat audio to be focused in one ear, while the supra-aural design allows the game sound from your home theatre speaker system to be heard in full, unlike with circumaural layouts, creating a perfect mix of game and chat audio.
Integrated volume control. Easily adjust audio settings via the built-in volume slider and microphone mute button.
Connect with ease. Works seamlessly with the 3.5mm jack on the DualShock 4 controller.

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