HP Omen x25F 240hz Gaming Monitor

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You will see and feel the difference of a responsive and fluid gameplay; By syncing the refresh rate to your gpu, amd freesync makes interruptions, input lag, and screen tearing a thing of the past
The speed at which pixels react to changing frames is critical to gaming speed, and a 1ms response time ensures that even the most action,packed moments are smooth, clear, and free of motion blur.
The gas piston allows a smooth and precise height adjustment, with a travel of 130 mm, so that the screen is always in the most comfortable position, regardless of who uses it
Forget about having tired eyes at the end of the day; Adjustable to match the color of your pc or whatever you’re viewing, ambient lighting emits a glow on the base and stand that blurs bright light from the screen
Virtual bezel,less surrounding the screen, an ultra,wide viewing experience that enables seamless multi,monitor setup

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