Asus GeForce GTX 1060 Dual 6GB GDDR5


With a wide range of innovative technologies, the GTX 1060 becomes the gateway to virtual reality and high definition graphics. Among all of them stands out the Pascal technology used to manufacture the GPU under a new architecture that is more optimal in all aspects and which we will talk about below.

The Asus model makes use of Wing-Blade technology to improve airflow with up to 105% more pressure. The installed ultra-quiet fans operate at 0dB, you will not notice that they are turned on!

As in other Asus graphics that use Auto-Extreme Technology, a solution that reduces energy consumption by 50% and is respectful with the environment by reducing the use of chemicals in the materials used to make this card without giving up anything and with premium materials such as a special alloy that has facilitated the creation of plates 50% cooler than in previous designs: Super Alloy Power II.

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