In July 25th 2013

Founded BGR Solutions

BGR Solutions was founded in 2013 in Tenerife, Spain, by Ben Thompson. Ben had worked in the consumer electronics industry in the past, and realized that although the need for a reputable, dedicated small electronics repair business was present, no company had stepped forward to take on that role in his area. Brand recognition for this industry had yet to be established.

Within 1 Year

First Shop Open

Within one year of starting BGR Solutions we had already out grown ourselves. In 2014 Ben was joined by Nicholas Deeb a Joint owner in the new shop we opened together.


We Keep Continuing to Grow!

BGR Solutions focus’s on being a one-stop solution for the customer for all device repairs. We continue to grow and grow and build brand awareness in The Canary Islands. In 2020 We look to expand once again and open several new stores located in Tenerife!

BGR believes in the simple truth that quality work produces growth and success

Can’t find a local store? Why not inquire about opening a franchise in your area.

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